With Captain Jeanne or Captain Jim

"As recommended by Conde Nast Traveller"


Travel scenic tidal creeks between St. Simons Island and Little St. Simons Island, Georgia,
while discovering unique features of our marsh ecosystem.

~ People often say this is the best thing they did while here ~

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As featured on GPTV!

Our most popular boat ride is the Salt Marsh Nature Tour, an unusual trip through some narrow, winding tidal creeks. This is a 2-hour narrated exploration of the marsh. Topics include tides, the cord grass, food chain, vegetation, birds, mammals (including bottle-nosed dolphins), shellfish and finfish, whatever we see. Nesting birds along our route during the spring are Osprey and Great Blue Heron. Winter birds include cormorants, loons, grebes, and various ducks. We also discuss some history as we pass the sites of two former plantations at Hampton Point and Cannon's Point. Children are invited to steer the boat on any tour. Adults may also drive (a great photo opportunity!).
- $50 per person, $200 or 4-person minimum, 6-person maximum at $300 -


Another choice is the Dolphin Quest, a 2-hour boat ride through the marsh and to the ocean. We cannot promise dolphins, but we see them most of the time. They often swim with the boat and burst out of the water. During summer we may see an alligator. Another Two Hour Trip takes you down the Hampton River and a short distance offshore to Pelican Spit, where you can explore your own sand bar and look for shells. The spit is out of the water only at low tide.
- Two-Hour Rates: $50 per person, $200 or 4-person minimum, 6-person maximum at $300 -

Boat rides of other durations or on other routes are available; call and we will be happy to give you a quote!


You may take your own private tour at any time. We will fit into your schedule. We have no set departure times, although we can recommend a time of the tide according to what you want to see or do.

Low tide is best to see birds and oysters, while high tide is best to have a view across the marsh. You may reserve a time to coincide with sunrise, sunset, lunch, cocktails, or any time, 7 days a week.

We recommend that you plan your tour for the early days of your visit so that you will have time to reschedule, if necessary. Mother Nature may not cooperate, sending rain instead of fair skies, on your last day here.

Homeschooling and our tours go well together. The Salt Marsh Nature Tour can be modified to introduce concepts or reinforce previous lessons. We will work with you to customize your tour.


You will ride on The Marsh Hen, a 26-foot pontoon boat with comfortable cushioned seats and a canopy which shades all seats on the boat. The deck is level with the floating dock for easy boarding.


GREAT BLUE HERON The boat is accessible for those in wheel chairs. However, because of the necessary floating docks in this area, the ramp between the floating dock and the fixed dock is easier to negotiate at high tide.

You are welcome to take along food or drinks. We carry bottled spring water and a limited selection of soft drinks. We supply binoculars for each person, ponchos for summer rains and lined parkas for cooler weather.

We can take a maximum of 6 passengers. If your group is larger than 6, you may schedule several trips throughout the day or week, depending on the varying activities of members of the group. The boat is docked at The Hampton River Club Marina in the Hampton River, St. Simons Island, Georgia.

For directions to the marina call us, or we can e-mail directions to you, if you wish.

If you have fewer than 4 people in your group and do not care to pay the minimum charge, we will do our best to find others to join you in order to make up the minimum number. To increase your chances of going on a tour, please let us know early in your stay that you need to share the cost.

- Captain Jeanne -

Capt. Jeanne is licensed by the U. S. Coast Guard. She is also accredited by the University of Georgia Marine Extension Service as a docent.

Jeanne has a Master of Education degree and began this special attraction in 1986. She has also completed seminars in bird biology through Cornell University.

  • Current charter rates effective January 1, 2006, are subject to change at any time.

  • Member of the St. Simons Island Chamber of Commerce since 1986.

  • Noted & Quoted:
    • "St. Simons Shines On"
      "It's a little piece of heaven...some during a marsh tour in the Hampton River...led by Capt. Jeanne Pleasants in her pontoon, The Marsh Hen."
      Written by Paula Crouch Thasher after taking the Salt Marsh Nature Tour
      The Atlanta Journal-Constitution - August 24, 2003

    • "Southern Summer Scenery"
      "When I visited the area as a kid, my interests lay predictable and exclusively with the beach. This time, thanks in part to our appropriately named guide, Jeanne Pleasants, who led us on a boat tour, I was far more intrigued by the surrounding tidal marshes. The shape of the coastline makes for unusually high tides, and in turn an unusually flexible ecology -- like grasses that have learned to sweat out salt..."
      Written by Justin Pope, Associated Press
      The Times-Union - July 27, 2002

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